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How to make a research?

Every university student should handle the technique of simple summary, because frequently he must extract material of interest from texts, academic works, hemerographic material, lectures or dissertations for later use, either by incorporating it into his own writing or to study it at the moment. of an evaluation.

The simple summary also called summary presentation is a text in which the main ideas obtained from another discourse, whether oral or written, are presented. We will rely on Alaric (1996) and his text entitled: Language and Communication to make known some purposes that are sought to achieve with this tool:

Offer an objective outline of the ideas contained in a writing. For this reason it has no place in a summary:

The subjectivity of the author, understood as emotivities, critics, points of view or omissions of data of interest.

Avoid dilatations, that is why it is a concrete text and to the point, where specifications, examples and reiterations are not allowed.

Importance of the summary:

We open this section with the following question: How many times have you repeated “like a parrot” data that you did not remotely need to pass an evaluation? With a simple summary sheet this is not possible.

A summary is important because it facilitates your study by avoiding waste of time in reading unnecessary information for a specific moment, it promotes intellectual operations such as concentration, attention, discernment, analysis, understanding and synthesis. Another of its advantages is the promotion of reading, the improvement in your writing skills and the discarding of the rote study, based on repetition without the real internalization of the ideas.

What are the steps to follow to make a simple summary? Alarico (1996) lists the following:

Complete reading of the writing that is interesting to summarize. You can not summarize something you have no idea about. That is why the author emphasizes that the object is to capture its general meaning (this means that you must make an exploratory reading). This reading is diagnostic, quick, only to know in general terms what it is about, what is the topic and the fundamental aspects considered in its development.

Reading of each of the paragraphs that constitute the text, underlining or selecting the main ideas and observing how they are developed (denotative reading). This type of reading refers to the exact understanding of what is written through the decomposition of the text into parts or segments in order to interpret their meanings.

Consider carefully the basic ideas of the author of the text that you propose to summarize. That is, reach the essence or sense of the material.

Draft a draft in the order in which the ideas are developed in the text.

Review and correct this draft taking as a standard the original writing. You must focus your attention on the following aspects:

Keep the meaning of ideas. Remember that there are no subjectivities.

Avoid important omissions

Discard personal ideas and interpretations.

Take care of the writing, spelling and syntax.

If possible, let the draft rest for a while, review it again and pass it in clean.

The requirements are:

Compendium of the author’s thought, without altering the ideas expressed.

Clear and precise writing without exceeding the limits that are the incipient exposure of the material or its meticulous extension, for that reason of not losing details. Alarico (1996) emphasizes that the summary must be written with proper language and styles, using the first or third grammatical persons without distinction.

Stick to what is established by orthographic rules.

Finally, build on this structure: Author, theme, environment, characters, position of the narrator, story time and plot.


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